Showcasing beautiful, modern crochet designs.

Crochet Scout is all about helping you find beautiful patterns for your projects.

Two balls of yarn and a crochet hook.

Hi, I’m Nicky and I love to crochet!. I’ve been crocheting since I was a little girl and just generally love creating. Crochet Scout is all about helping fellow crocheters find the perfect patterns for their projects. It is a pattern directory site featuring the best beautiful and modern crochet patterns from the talented designers and bloggers in the crochet community.

I decided to start a directory of modern crochet patterns after becoming frustrated with spending countless hours online, scrolling through out-dated patterns and broken and misleading links. I’m excited to build up Crochet Scout with amazing crochet patterns and make it a great resource for crocheters. Now and then I’ll also share what I’m crocheting and post my own patterns and projects.

It’s important to me that the content on this site is current and accurate. If you come across a link that doesn’t go where you expected, please let me know so I can fix it! You can contact me here.

A note for bloggers and designers

CROCHET SCOUT’s curation is designed to send readers to your site and your posts. I do my best to ensure that I follow the sharing policies of any sites I link to. If you do not want your content to be featured on Crochet Scout please get in touch with me and I’ll remove it.

And if you would like your pattern or patterns to be considered for inclusion on this site I would love to hear from you too.