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Looking for a free crochet hippo pattern? Make your search easy with this roundup of the cutest free amigurumi hippo patterns.

Free Written Patterns

A small amigurumi hippopotamus in a striped swimsuit.Pin

Hippo In A Swimsuit from Amigurumi Today

I love this one! So cute! The finished toy measures 6″ (15 cm), and the swimsuit is removable – attached with tiny ties.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 sport weight yarn, e.g., Jeans from YarnArt.
NOTIONS: 2.50 mm crochet hook, fiberfill stuffing, and 8 mm safety eyes.

A sitting amigurumi hippo with a tiny blue crochet bird.Pin

Melman and His Friend Pi from Tarturumies

This beautiful hippo toy is a free pattern that also includes instructions for the little bird.

YARN REQUIRED: #4 medium/worsted weight yarn
NOTIONS: 10 mm safety eyes, light pink felt, fiberfill stuffing, fabric glue, and a 3.25 mm (D-3) crochet hook.

A blue crochet hippo.Pin

Hippo Crochet Pattern from Elisa’s Crochet

This free pattern is for a cute standing hippo that’s about 10″ x7″ (24 cm x 16 cm) when made in the listed materials.

YARN REQUIRED: #5 bulky/chunky weight yarn.
NOTIONS: 4.50 mm (7) crochet hoo, 10 mm black plastic safety eyes, and polyfill stuffing.

A pink crochet hippo wearing a bikini.Pin

Hippo Amigurumi Pattern from Craft Passion

Hady the Hippo is a free pattern for an adorable hippo in a bikini! The finished toy stands 11½” high (9″ when sitting).

YARN REQUIRED: #3 light/DK weight yarn in pink and white. You’ll also need a small amount of green yarn for the bikini.
NOTIONS: 2.50 mm crochet hook, 10 mm dome-button eyes, polyester fiberfill stuffing, a darning needle, a water-erasable fabric marker, scissors, and pins.

A small baby hippo amigurumi wearing green shorts.Pin
Photo: Dong Lai

Baby Hippo Pattern by Dong Lai

This cute baby hippo toy is about 7½” (19 cm) tall.

YARN REQUIRED: #3 light/DK weight cotton yarn, e.g., Cottony from La Mia.
NOTIONS: 2.50 mm crochet hook, 9 mm safety eyes, stuffing material, sewing thread, and a needle.

A grey crochet hippo with blue overalls and a bowler hat.Pin

Finn the Hippo by PifPaf

Finn the Hippo is so cute in his little bowler hat and overalls. The finished toy measures 13¾” (35 cm).

YARN REQUIRED: #1 sock/fingering weight yarn, e.g., Rainbow Cotton 8/4 from Hobbii. You’ll need two 50 g skeins in grey and one in blue. Plus a small piece of black scrap yarn for the eyes and beige for the hat.
NOTIONS: 2.5 mm crochet hook, two small buttons, and fiberfill stuffing.

A sitting crochet hippo with a pink and white striped top.Pin

Free Crochet Hippo Pattern from Cuddly Stitches Craft

Hattie the Hippo is a free pattern for a crochet hippo with a cute ruffled top. It’s an intermediate-level pattern for a 12″ (30 cm) toy. The pattern is well-written, easy to follow, and includes links to helpful tutorials.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 sport weight yarn, e.g., Jeans from YarnArt. You will need two 50 g balls in beige, one in pink, and one in white.
NOTIONS: 2.50 mm crochet hook, scissors, fiberfill stuffing, black thread for embroidering the eyelashes, a yarn needle, pins with large heads, a stitch marker, and 12 mm safety eyes.

A tiny crochet hippo in a frilly dress.Pin

Tiny Crochet Hippo Pattern from Amigurumi Today

This site requires a free account sign-up to view the pattern. The finished hippo is about 4″ (10 cm) tall.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 sport weight yarn, e.g., Jeans from YarnArt.
NOTIONS: 2 mm crochet hook, 8 mm safety eyes, fiberfill stuffing, a sewing needle, and scissors.

Three small, brightly coloured crochet hippo amigurumis.Pin

Flower Power Amigurumi Hippos from Airali Design

The head and body are worked in one piece, while the ears, arms, legs, and tail are crocheted separately. All three of the little outfits are included – my favourite is the dungarees.

YARN REQUIRED: #3 light/DK weight, chenille-style yarn, e.g., DMC Happy Chenille.
NOTIONS: 3 mm or 3.5 mm crochet hook, 9 mm safety eyes, black embroidery thread, a tapestry needle, dressmaker’s pins, a stitch marker, and toy stuffing.

A small grey crochet hippo.Pin

Small Hippo Pattern from Kristi Tullus

This free hippo pattern is an easy project that can be completed in an hour or two. It’s a beginner-level pattern with tutorials for all the required skills. Due to its small size, the little ears, legs, and tail are a bit fiddly. The finished toy is 2½” high and 4″ long (6.5 cm x 10 cm).

YARN REQUIRED: 15 g of #3 light/DK weight cotton yarn.
NOTIONS: 2.50 mm crochet hook, stuffing material, 6 mm safety eyes, pink embroidery thread, a yarn needle, scissors, and a stitch marker.

Free Patterns with Video Tutorials

A beautiful example of a crochet hippo amigurumi.Pin

Amigurumi Hippopotamus Pattern from Vivr Vintage Amigurumis

There is a video tutorial available for this pattern. The tutorial is in Spanish with English subtitles for the pattern details. The subtitles are in white and are a little difficult to read, but are clear in the written pattern linked below. It is an intermediate level pattern.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 sport weight cotton.
NOTIONS: Black embrodiery thread, stuffing material, blush, 12 mm safety eyes, scissors, a needle, and a 3 mm crochet hook.

A bright blue crochet hippo in a dress.Pin
Photo: Ami Saigon

Amigurumi Hippo In A Dress by Ami Saigon

The free version of this pattern is a four-part video tutorial.

YARN REQUIRED: #3 light/DK weight yarn.
NOTIONS: 3 mm crochet hook.

Video: Greta Wings DIY

Lila the Hippo Amigurumi Tutorial by Greta Wings DIY

Lila is approximately 18 cm high when made in the listed materials. This is a detailed, two-part tutorial.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 sport weight yarn, e.g., Sinfonia from Omega – 60 g of pink and 20 g of aqua.
NOTIONS: 2 mm or 2.50 mm crochet hook, a yarn needle, scissors, stufing material, black and white embrodiery thread, two buttons, 10 mm safety eyes, and a small amount of pink tulle for the skirt.

Video: Roaslie Toys

Beginner Crochet Hippo Tutorial by Rosalie Toys

This cute little hippo is a no-sew pattern suitable for beginners. Vary the size of your yarn and hook to make different-sized hippo toys.

The small hippo is made with 12 mm safety eyes, #5 bulky/chunky weight yarn – Himalaya Dolphin Fine – and a 3.5 mm hook.

The medium hippo is made with #6 super bulky Himalaya Dolphin Baby, a 4 mm hook, and 14 mm safety eyes.

And the large hippo uses #6 super bulky weight Alize Velluto, a 5 mm hook, and 18 mm safety eyes.

A chubby grey crochet hippo toy.Pin

Chubby Hippo Amigurumi Pattern from Little Crochet Farm

This cute free pattern includes detailed written instructions and a two-part video tutorial. The written pattern also has links to all the different amigurumi techniques and stitches you need to know to make this little hippo – great for beginners. The finihsed size is 3″ (8 cm).

YARN REQUIRED: #3 / Light / DK / Light Worsted weight yarn in two shades of grey.
NOTIONS: 2 mm crochet hook, black embrodiery thread, stuffing material, scissors, and a sewing needle.

You can find lots of beautiful amigurumi patterns in this collection of free pattern roundups.

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