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Hedgehog Patterns

Here is a collection of 20 of the best free amigurumi crochet hedgehog patterns. Amigurumi are so cute and so much fun to make. If you’ve never tried amigurumi, you’re missing out. They make fantastic gifts for little ones, and lots of these patterns are quick makes too.

Two crochet baby hedgehogs with crocheted autumn leaves.
Photo: crochetobjet.com

Crochet Baby Hedgehog Pattern from Crochet Objet

Learn to crochet a tiny baby hedgehog with the free crochet amigurumi pattern. The pattern for the leaves is also included. The pattern has detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures. The finished amigurumi will measure approximately 1½” (4 cm) long and 1″ (2½ cm) wide.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 / Fine / Sport weight cotton yarn.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 2.25 mm (B-10) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: 4 mm safety eyes, stuffing, scissors, stitch marker, tapestry needle.

Amigurumi hedgehog and apple.
Photo: amigurumei.com

Mimi-chan the Hedgehog from AmiguruMEI

This free crochet pattern from AmiguruMEI is available via the Craft Passion website.

YARN REQUIRED: #3 / Light / DK / Light Worsted weight acrylic yarn, e.g., Ami-Acy from Craft Passion. You will also need some fuzzy yarn for the spines, e.g., Fuzz-A-Fleece from Craft Passion. You will need beige and dark brown yarn, and a contrasting yarn for the flower.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 2.5 mm and 3 mm crochet hooks.
NOTIONS: two 8 mm black brads, one 8 mm safety eye, dark brown eye shadow, pink blush, darning needle, polyester fiberfill, stuffing pellets, and small pieces of white and yellow felt for the eyes and centre of the flower.

Crochet hedgehog on a log.
Photo: elisascrochet.com

Archie the Hedgehog Free Crochet Pattern from Elisa’s Crochet

This very sweet amigurumi hedgehog will measure approximately 4½” x 4½” when completed.

YARN REQUIRED: #3 / Light / DK / Light Worsted weight yarn in beige and white; #5 / Bulky / Chunky / Craft weight yarn in brown; and #0 / Thread / Lace in black.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 2.75 mm (C-2) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: polyester filling, yarn needle, two 6 mm safety eyes.

Crochet hedgehods and love hearts.
Photo: raffamusadesigns.com

Romantic Amigurumi Hedgehog from Raffamusa Designs

This free pattern uses puff stitch for the hedgehog’s spines. The finished toy measures approximately 4″ (10 cm) long and 2.5″ (6.5 cm) tall.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 / Fine / Sport weight cotton yarn, e.g., Catania Solids from Schachenmayr. You’ll need approximately 13 yards (12 m) of beige yarn, 68 yards (62 m) of brown, and a small amount of black for the eyes and nose.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 2.50 mm crochet hook.
NOTIONS: stitch marker, tapestry needle, and stuffing

Crochet hedgehog with sombrero.
Photo: damnitjanetletscrochet.blogspot.com

Round Plush Hedgehog with Sombrero from Damn it Janet, let’s crochet!

An adorable little crochet hedgehog that will measure approximately 3.25″ in height and 3.5″ in length when completed.

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn in beige, light brown, aran, green, white, and red. You’ll need 50 yds of beige, 35 yds of light brown, 15 yds of aran, 2 yds of green, 2 yds of white, and 2 yds of red.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 3.50 mm (E-4) and 4 mm (G-6) crochet hooks.
NOTIONS: stitch markers, black domed buttons or safety eyes (10 mm), fiberfill, tapestry needle, and hot glue.

Crochet hedgehogs with babies.
Photo: stringydingding.com

Hedgehog with Baby Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern from Stringy Ding Ding

Furry or fuzzy yarn can be difficult to work with as it is difficult to see your stitches. This pattern has a clever solution to overcome this; it has you work with a double strand, one strand of fuzzy yarn, and one strand of regular yarn.

YARN REQUIRED: #5 / Bulky / Chunky / Craft weight fuzzy fur yarn in your main colour, e.g., Hygge Fur from Red Heart; and #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran yarn in light brown and white.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 4 mm (G-6) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: tapestry needle, scissors, stuffing, 8 mm safety eyes for the big hedgehog, and 6 mm safety eyes for the nose and the baby hedgehog.

Crochet hedgehog featuring loop stitch.
Photo: yarnhild.com

The Hedgehog Bolla – Free Crochet Amigurumi from Yarnhild

Cute and quick to make, this free crochet pattern features single crochet for the head and loop stitches for the body.

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn, e.g., DROPS Paris and DROPS Big Merino.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 4.5 mm crochet hook.
NOTIONS: two 6 mm safety eyes, one 8 mm safety eye, polyfill, scissors, and a tapestry needle.

crochet hedgehog with rosy cheeks
Photo: Riana Szekely

Hedgy the Hedgehog from Riana Szekely

This free crochet hedgehog pattern also comes with instructions for little amigurumi apples.

YARN REQUIRED: #2 / Fine / Sport weight yarn, e.g., DROPS Safran from Garnstudio in white, grey, black, and pink.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 1.5 mm and 2.25 mm (B-10) crochet hooks.
NOTIONS: scissors, an embroidery needle, and polyfill stuffing.

Floral crochet hedgehog.
Photo: Yulia Klyushina via Ravelry

Flower Hedgehog Toy from Yulia Klyushina

This pretty little amigurumi hedgehog is available via Ravelry as a free pattern download. The finished hedgehog will measure approximately 4″ (10 cm). It requires only basic skills; even beginners should be able to make it successfully. The pattern includes detailed step-by-step photos and instructions.

YARN REQUIRED: #3 / Light / DK / Light Worsted weight cotton yarn, e.g., Cotton DK from Paintbox Yarns.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 2 mm crochet hook.
NOTIONS: stuffing material, 6 mm safety eyes, embroidery needle, and sewing pins.

multicolored crochet hedgehog
Photo: yarnspirations.com

Red Heart Harper Hedgehog from Yarnspirations

The multicoloured spines in this free crochet hedgehog pattern are cleverly made with a series of chains and slip stitches.

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn, e.g., With Love from Red Heart in the colourways Lettuce and Fruit Punch.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 3.75 mm (F-5) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: a measuring tape or ruler for checking your gauge, a yarn needle, stitch markers, fiberfill, and a small amount of black yarn for the facial features.

Fuzzy crochet hedgehog.
Phot0: thefriendlyredfox.com

Crochet Hedgehog Pattern – Free from The Friendly Red Fox

This little hedgehog works up very quickly in super bulky yarn and measures approximately 5″ long and 3 ½” tall.

YARN REQUIRED: #6 / Super Bulky / Roving weight chenille-style yarn, e.g., Pipsqueak from Bernat. #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn in tan, e.g., I Love This Yarn! from Hobby Lobby.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: about 50g of the Super Bulky chenille yarn and a small amount of the tan-coloured yarn.
NOTIONS: 3.75 mm (F-5) crochet hook.

Crochet hedgehog with pink nose
Photo: amigurumilacion.blogspot.com

Hedgehog Amigurumi Tutorial from Canal Crochet

This free pattern and video tutorial are in Spanish. The designer has given translations for the written pattern, and the video provides visual guidance. There may not be enough detail for a beginner to amigurumi to follow this pattern.

Fuzzy crochet hedgehog
Photo: popsdemilk.com

Mr Hedgehog from Pops de Milk

Mr Hedgehog’s fuzzy look is achieved by simply brushing the yarn after he is made.

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn, e.g. Super Value from Bernat.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 3 mm, 3.50 mm (E-4), and 3.75 mm (F-5) crochet hooks.
NOTIONS: an old hair brush with bristles or a pet slicker, fiberfill stuffing, two 6 mm safety eyes, a small piece of black felt for the hedgehog’s nose, scissors, a needle, and some thread.

Video: Crochet Stitch Witch

Crochet Hedgehog Tutorial from Crochet Stitch Witch

Learn how to make a cute crochet hedgehog toy with this video tutorial from Crochet Stitch Witch. This is a two-part video tutorial, you can find part two here.

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn, e.g., DROPS Nepal from Garnstudio. You will need two different colours.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 3 mm and 4 mm crochet hooks.
NOTIONS: polyester stuffing, embroidery needle, scissors, black or brown yarn for the nose, and black embroidery thread for the eyes.

Crochet hedgehog toys.
Photo: graceandyarn.com

Amigurumi Hedgehogs – A Free Crochet Tutorial from Grace and Yarn

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn. You’ll need 25 g for the overalls, 15 g beige, a small amount of brown for the paws and spines, a small amount of contrasting yarn for the shirt, and black yarn for the nose.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 3.50 mm (E-4) and 5 mm (H-8) crochet hooks.
NOTIONS: 10.5 or 11 mm safety eyes, scissors, tapestry needle, polyfill, stitch markers.

Crochet ragdoll hedgehogs.
Photo: crochetforyoublog.com

Baby Hedgehog Ragdoll from Crochet For You

A simple, free amigurumi pattern made by joining two crocheted pieces together. This pattern comes as a video tutorial and a written pattern. The finished size is approximately 5.25″ in height.

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn in brown and cream. You’ll need approximately 100 yards of brown yarn and 50 yards of cream.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 5 mm (H-8) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: tapestry needle, fiberfill, and dark brown yarn for embroidering eyes and nose.

Crochet hedgehog with a bow
Photo: mamainastitch.com

Woodland Hedgehog Amigurumi from Mama In A Stitch

This cute little crochet hedgehog is a free pattern, and like a lot of amigurumi, it is a quick and fun project to crochet.

YARN REQUIRED: for the main part of the body, you will need #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn, e.g., Fishermens Woll from Lion Brand. You will also need faux fur yarn, e.g., Lion Brand Fun Fur.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 3.75 mm (F-5) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: small amounts of grey and black felt, a tapestry needle, black embroidery thread, a small piece of fabric for the bow(optional), a hot glue gun (optional), brown eye shadow, polyfill stuffing, and scissors.

crochet hedgehog holding a red heart
Photo: crochettoplay.com

Crochet Hedgehog Pattern from Crochet to Play

Adorable and huggable, this little crochet hedgehog is a free pattern perfect for Valentine’s Day. The finished hedgehog measures about 4¾” from top to bottom (11.5 cm).

YARN REQUIRED: #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn. The designer has used Cotton Aran from Paintbox Yarns in Banana Cream, Red Wine, and Coffee. And I Love This Cotton! from Hobby Lobby in Monkey Brown.
RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 3.50 mm (E-4) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: a yarn needle, toy stuffing, a stitch marker, two 6 mm safety eyes, and some straight pins.

Crochet hedgehog wearing a red and white striped scarf.
Photo: world-hmade.ru

Hedgehog Jean from Anna Lavrentyeva.

This little guy is so cute I couldn’t leave him out. The pattern is from a Russian site so translate it to English by clicking on the translate button in your browser’s address bar. This pattern does not translate well in Microsoft Edge for some reason, but Chrome does it brilliantly. There is also a chart and step-by-step photos. The little red and white scarf is knitted.

YARN REQUIRED: RECOMMENDED HOOK SIZE: 2.75 mm (C-2) crochet hook.
NOTIONS: 10 mm safety eyes, toy stuffing, needle and thread, and scissors. Knitting needles and yarn for scarf (optional).

Crochet hedgehog and toadstools.
Photo: marie-lucienne.blogspot.com

Little Hedgehog from Atalier Marie-Lucienne

This free crochet hedgehog pattern uses popcorn stitch to create the spines. The yarn weight is not specified but as with most amigurumi, you need to choose a hook size that is smaller than the size recommended on the yarn label. The designer does not indicate the yarn weight used, but states that she has used a 3 mm hook; it is probably safe to assume that she has used a #4 / Medium / Worsted / Aran weight yarn.

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